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L1600D is entering the cinema market

Heavy duty just became less heavy. With an unparalleled power-to-weight ratio, L1600D flaunts a speed of use never seen before. All made possible thanks to the unique HydroCTech™ technology, which has enabled us to skip the ballast completely and reduced weight significantly.

As lightweight as they come, set it up and take it down in seconds without strain. Work relaxed, knowing that HydroCTech™ will keep the Mono-LED and power electronics cool and, in return, give you impeccably smooth dimming and completely flicker-free lighting.   

Mono-LED? You read that right: the Mono-LED is an innovation harnessing 97% of the electricity from input to output and emanates the purest of light. Seize every ounce of your creativity and put it to work with dual mounting options, Profoto and Bowens, for light modifiers. 

L1600D, the gear of the future, is here.

Introducing the Profoto L1600D Profoto lights, camera, action
Introducing the Profoto L1600D

Profoto lights, camera, action

Why Profoto L1600D?

Speed of use

HydroCTech, the single-source cooling system, makes room for the power unit to be in the head, which makes L1600D incredibly lightweight and invites increased efficiency and ergonomics.

Limitless creativity

With the Profoto Light Shaping Tool system at the core, along with the option of Bowens mount, you have access to an unmatched array of light modifiers to expand your creativity even further.

Work smarter

IP54 classification and multiple connectivity options, including DMX, sets the tone for hassle-free production and smart light-shaping control, securing a resilient workhorse.

Technical specifications

Product number

L1600D: 902010

Color temperature: 5700K
Diming: EXP, LOG, Linear. 0.1%-100%, with
super low dimming.
Flicker: Flicker free at any frame rate.
Max power consumption: 1600W. 110-250v
input. Integrated automatic and selectable
current/power limiter.
Power draw: Integrated auto current draw limit
is 15A at low input voltage. Power supply:
Integrated, worldwide 100-240v 50-60Hz (e.g.1
phase "230v50hz,2-phase-208v60hz, 1-phase
120v60hz, 240v split phase).
Mains: Neutrik powercon connector, 7m cable.
Cooling: HydroCTech™ Liquid Cooling System
(patent pending),
Fans: 2x140mm silent fans.
IP rating: IP54.

Lumen radio/CRMX: TimoTwo integrated
DMX: XLR 5pin in/out, integrated software
controllable termination.
Bluetooth: Profoto control app, Luminair app,
Blackout app.
Profoto Air Radio: Remote control range 100m.
USB: USB-C (Service).

Measurements & weight
Light including swivel yoke: 11,7kg/25,8lb.
Light, swivel yoke, mains cable, Boost reflector
and transportation bag: 14kg/30,8lb.
Length with built in reflector: 50cm/19,6in.
Length with Profoto mount: 60cm/23,6in.
Length with Boost reflector: 85cm/33,4in.
Width: 26cm/10,2in.
Height: 29/11,4in.

Storage temperature: -30 to +60°C/-22 to
Operating temperature: Full functionality -10
to +35°C/14-95°F. Limited functionality +36 to

Photometric data

Distance with Boost reflector 12'
5 m / 16,4 ft
7 m / 35 ft
10 m / 33 ft
15 m / 49 ft

Output with Boost reflector 12'
49 000 lux
25 400 lux
12 200 lux
5 480 lux

Diameter with Boost reflector 12'
1 m / 3,2 ft
1,5 m / 5 ft
2 m / 6,5 ft
3,6 m / 11,8 ft

Distance with built-in wide reflector 60'
5 m / 16,4 ft
7 m / 35 ft
10 m / 33 ft
15 m / 49 ft

Output with built-in wide reflector 60'
3 850 lux
2 160 lux
1 130 lux
670 lux

Diameter with built-in wide reflector 60'
5,6 m / 18,3 ft
7,5 m / 24,6 ft
11 m / 36 ft
16,5 m / 54,1 ft