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6 Things You Need to Know About the B2 Off-Camera Flash

13 March, 2015

Written by: Fredrik Franzén

On March 2, 2015, the new Profoto B2 Off-Camera Flash was released. You probably already know that the B2 is the B1’s smaller, more portable sibling. But what else should you know? Here are six must-know facts.


To shoot with the B2 Off-Camera Flash is to shoot with all options at hand. Use it on or off-camera. Use just the B2 or several Profoto Off-Camera Flashes at once. Shoot in TTL Mode or shoot in Manual Mode. Choose from more than 150 Light Shaping Tools and explore light shaping.

In other words, you got a lot of options. Having options is good. But it can be a bit bewildering at first.

So, to help you get started, here are the first six things you need to know about the B2 Off-Camera Flash.

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1. The B2 Can Be Used Both On and Off-Camera

The B2 Off-Camera Flash consists of a battery pack and a head. The battery pack can be put on the shoulder or hip, while the head is small and light enough to be mounted onto a monopod or a bracket on the camera. This will allow the photographer to stay moving.

If that is not necessary, both the pack and head can be put on a stand and the B2 can be wirelessly controlled from the camera.

This makes the B2 the world’s first off-camera flash that can be used both on and off-camera.

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2. The B2 Off-Camera Flash has TTL

The B2 Off-Camera Flash offers full TTL operation with both Canon and Nikon cameras.

Canon shooters attach the Air Remote TTL-C to their camera’s hot shoe, Nikon shooters the Air Remote TTL-N. Then point and shoot, and the B2 will automatically adjust its light output to provide you with the perfect exposure.

It is as easy as it sounds.

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3. The B2 Is Super Portable

The B2 is designed to help you to add a little or a lot of extra light wherever it is needed.

The entire B2 kit fits in a bag no larger than your average shoulder bag. And you will be surprised how lightweight it is! Grab it and go wherever you want to go without breaking a sweat!

Once on location, unpack the B2 and put it on your belt or shoulder, mount the head on a monopod or on a bracket on your camera, and stay moving. Either that or put both pack and head on a stand and move around freely.

Where and how you shoot is all up to you.

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4. The B2 Is Fast

You can never know when that perfect moment is going to happen right in front of your lens. The only thing you can do is to always be prepared. That is why speed is important.

The B2 is fast and will easily keep up with your camera, shooting at speeds of up to twenty flashes per second.

Speed also equals short flash duration. With the B2, you will not only be able to capture the moment. You will also be able to freeze it in time with absolute sharpness.

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5. The B2 Has High-Speed Sync

The B2 comes with patent-pending Profoto High-Speed Sync (HSS) functionality, allowing you to shoot with shutter speeds as fast as 1/8.000 of second. Which is really fast. Crazy fast.

Use it to shoot with a large aperture in bright conditions and get that shallows depth of field and perfect deep blue sky.

Or use it to capture super crisp action in mixed lighting conditions without getting motion blur from the ambient light.

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6. The B2 Works with All Profoto Light Shaping Tools

The B2 Off-Camera Flash has a built-in reflector that creates a wide and even light spread that stands well on its own. But that is only the start. The real magic happens when you add a Light Shaping Tool.

There is an assortment of compact and portable OCF Light Shaping Tools to choose from, including softboxes, grids and snoots. In addition, there is the entire family of Profoto Light Shaping Tools that have made Profoto the leader in professional photography.

With the B2, light shaping is easy and limitless.

Swipe to see what difference between a bare flash head and a head with a Light Shaping Tool on it.

For more information about the B2 Off-Camera Flash, please check our website.

If you want to delve into the tech specs and other nitty gritty stuff, click here.

If you have a question, please consult our B2 FAQ.

Written by: Fredrik Franzén