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Brad Trent’s Completely Different Meeting With John Cleese

09 December, 2014

Written by: Rebecca Ahremark

Brad Trent, proud owner of Damn Ugly Photography, has since the age of 25 worked with some of the largest newspapers and companies in the world. He has also had the good fortune to shoot some famous faces over the years. Latest in line: Mr. John Cleese for The Wallstreet Journal.

In a recently published article on his blog, Brad shares the story of how he met the comedy icon at a midtown hotel in New York to shoot some portraits in a room no larger than your average walk-in closet.

Brad wanted a close-up portrait that would capture Mr Cleese’s wide range of expressions. He added a Softlight Reflector White, a large softbox for fill and a small strip light on the background for separation. The setup was apparently quick and easy, and Mr Python was soon free to show off his many face expressions.

“I began calling out various characters of his and sketches he was known for, and he immediately knew where to take it,” Brad writes.

Head over to Brad’s blog Damn Ugly Photography  for the full story (and the full range of facial expressions).




Written by: Rebecca Ahremark