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Louis Pang’s Shoots Three Different Corporate Portraits With the Profoto B1

01 August, 2016

Written by: Louis Pang

Louis Pang is an international, award-winning photographer based in Malaysia. On the Profoto Blog he has previously written about his different shoots. Now he is back with some behind the scene images from a Corporate Shooting in a shopping mall in Borneo.

I was tasked to photograph Dr. Raymond Yu, CEO of IMAGO, the swankiest shopping mall in Borneo. My goal was to walk away with three different shots. The versatility of the Profoto B1, power-cord-free, all-in-one package of hardware makes it a great light for location shoot.

First stop was a cafe. The natural light was pleasing but too flat. The background and foreground were even light by the window light on the right. I increased the shutter speed to underexpose the background by two stops. Then I added a fill flash with a OCF Softbox 1×3′ which provided a pop of directional light. This put the focus back on Dr. Yu.

The second stop was the most challenging shot of the day. We deployed two Profoto B1 units and three units of small hotshoe strobes. The main light, with CTO gel, was placed directly above Dr. Yu. Three small hotshoe strobes were placed on the escalators to accentuate texture and shine of escalator blades and metallic sheen respectively. We placed a second Profoto B1 on the upper floor to kick in some light at the background.

With the white balance of the camera set to tungsten, flash units without CTO gel gives a blue hue.

The final shot was done outside the mall. Dr. Yu stood on a custom built platform that placed him on a good angle to the mall’s signage. Exposed for the sky. Profoto B1 with a Zoom Reflector nailed the shot.

Thank you

Written by: Louis Pang