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Share the Light points explained

Educate and inspire the Share the Light community with your lighting setups and earn points at the same time. Reach a certain point level and redeem your points for limited merch from the new Profoto Collection.

How to collect points

The more active you are on Share the Light, the faster you will reach the different point levels to secure your merch from our limited Profoto Collection.

Basic principle

  • For each upload: 100 points
  • Featured image on Share the Light: 1 000 points

Bonus points

  • You have 5 approved images on your Share the Light profile: 1 000 points
  • You viewed 100 uploads from other photographers to get lighting inspiration: 500 points
  • You have reached 10 000 views in total with your own image uploads: 1 000 points

Lighting challenges

Each month we host a lighting challenge with a new theme. For each lighting challenge, the reward points will be set and described in the specific challenge terms and conditions. If nothing else is mentioned, the following points apply:

  • For each given vote: 100 points
  • 1st place with most community votes: 5 000 points
  • 2nd place with second most community votes: 3 000 points
  • 3rd place with third most community votes: 2 000 points


How to use points

You get the chance to redeem your collected points in exchange for limited items of our Profoto Collection. Different Profoto Collection levels and premium reward items will be released throughout the year. Redeem your points once you reached a reward level, or keep your points and wait for the reward item that feels most right for you – it’s up to you!

Stay tuned for more information on how to redeem your points.