FAQ - Profoto A1 | Profoto (SE)


How to set up your “My Profoto” account
Visit profoto.com/register-account to register an account for My Profoto.

I can’t change or reset my password.
Make sure that you enter the e-mail address connected to your My Profoto account and that it is spelled correctly. If you still have problem resetting your password, report the issue to web@profoto.com. 

What should I consider before starting to use my Profoto lights?
Make sure your product is updated with the latest firmware. To update firmware register your product under My Profoto and download the firmware.

If it's the first time you use a new light you should break in the flash tube by shooting 10 full power flashes. Not doing this can have effects on colour temperature.

What's the product with project name Zenith? Will it become available?
The Profoto product, with project name Zenith, that has been seen in some videos and images on social media was part of a limited pre-production batch for a market test. Unfortunately the tests proved that the product where not up to Profoto quality standards and there is no plan to release this product in the near future.

Is "product X" compatible with my camera?
You can find compatible camera brands and models under the Profoto A1 and each Air Remote’s technical specification. Note that additional camera models might work just fine but have not been tested yet.

Where can I download the Profoto Studio software?
You find Profoto Studio under My Profoto and the tab Firmware.

Need more help?
Contact us if you can't find what you're looking for.