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Profoto B10 & B10 Plus

I lost connection to the App after updating firmware
Please update to the latest version of the Profoto App and the issue should be solved.

Does the B10/ B10 Plus have Bluetooth and is the B10/ B10 Plus compatible with the Profoto app? 
Yes. The B10/ B10 Plus has Bluetooth and you can control the B10/ B10 Plus fully from the Profoto App. The Profoto App is also the easiest way to update the B10/ B10 Plus whenever a new firmware update is available. 

How do I know when/if I should update the firmware on my B10/ B10 Plus?
Create an account on My Profoto, register your B10/ B10 Plus, and we will let you know by email whenever a new firmware update is available for download. If you get the Profoto app, you will receive an automatic notification on your phone when a new firmware update is available for your B10/ B10 Plus. You can update your B10/ B10 Plus directly from the app. The Profoto app is currently only available for iOS, and you can get it for free from the App Store.

I´m trying to download the firmware update from My Profoto but I can´t see it. Why? 
To see available firmware for your product you first need to register your product. Once your product is registered, the firmware for your product will be visible and available for download. 

The B10/ B10 Plus firmware update failed
If a firmware update fails, redo the firmware update through USB using the firmware update application for macOS or Windows. The update application can be downloaded under My Profoto. Open the application and follow the 5 steps below:

  1. Turn off the B10/ B10 Plus
  2. Remove the battery
  3. Press down the left dial while connecting the USB cable
  4. Start the update and wait until it is finished before removing the USB cable
  5. Attach the battery and restart the B10/ B10 Plus

Can I use my B10 batteries and battery chargers for the B10 Plus? 
Yes, the B10 battery is the standard battery for both B10 and B10 Plus. 

Can I travel by air with the B10/ B10 Plus and its batteries?
Yes. Our products are safe and certified to take on a plane, regardless of your destination. In general, airlines will require you to carry batteries as cabin luggage. On rare occasions, you could be asked to show battery travel documentation, so we recommend you bring it with when travelling.

Can I use the B10/ B10 Plus with any camera?
The Profoto B10/ B10 Plus can be used with any camera compatible with the optional Profoto A1/A1X, Profoto Air Remote or one of our other triggers. To enable TTL and High-Speed Sync, you need to use an A1/A1X or Air Remote TTL/ Profoto Connect version that is compatible with your camera brand. To find out which cameras are compatible, please see the respective product’s page. For a different camera experience, we also recommend that you download the Profoto app and try out Profoto’s own creative capture with your smartphone. The Profoto app is currently only available for iOS, and you can get it for free from the App Store. 

Can I use the B10/ B10 Plus together with flashes from other brands?
You’ll get the most out of the B10/ B10 Plus when you use it as part of the Profoto system, but the B10/ B10 Plus has a built-in infrared slave sensor so you can sync it with other flashes. 

Which Profoto light shaping tools can I use with the B10/ B10 Plus?
All light shaping tools in the OCF family are highly recommended and so are all Profoto umbrellas and RFi Softboxes. In addition, almost all “classic” Profoto reflectors can be fitted onto the B10/ B10 Plus. Due to the short and flat front of the B10/ B10 Plus, the zoom range might be limited, or the light effect might not be exactly as advertised. It's also not recommended to use the largest light shaping tools without extra support for the light shaping tool itself. The magnetic accessories for the Profoto A1/ A1X do not fit onto the B10/ B10 Plus. If you are uncertain, please contact us or your local Profoto dealer. 

During LED light usage, how do I know what color temperature I am at?
There is no numerical color temperature scale in the display because it will only display a false sense of accuracy. If exact accuracy is required for a specific application, we always recommend measuring with a color meter. This is because the actual color temperature will differ depending on where the light bounces and which light shaping tool is used. On top of that there is also a nominal color temperature difference of +-500K between individual units and a color temperature drift during the lifetime of the LED.

Can I control other air lights in tandem with the B10/ B10 Plus through the app?
No this is not possible.

How does the B10 Plus continuous light compare to the B10? 
The continuous light of the B10 Plus is identical to the B10. 

Is there a way to keep the modeling lamp on at all times when the B10/ B10 Plus is Head off?
The easiest way is to set Air to OFF in the settings menu or through the Profoto App. This will turn the B10/ B10 Plus into a fully manual continuous light. You can´t turn Air back on from the remote, you need to do it manually on the light or from the Profoto App.

What is the connectivity range of the Bluetooth connection between the B10/ B10 Plus and the Profoto App?
Up to 30 meters/100ft but depending on environment.

What's the range for using the B10/ B10 Plus wireless?
Sync and remote control between 0,5m to 300 m (1,5 - 1000 ft). TTL and HSS 0,5m to 100 m (1,5 -330 ft) Note: If the distance between the Remote and the B10/B10 Plus is shorter than 0,5m (1,5 ft) it might experience disturbance.

Can I use all RFi Softboxes sizes with the B10 Plus? 
The B10 and the B10 Plus are designed with priority on portable accessories like OCF LST´s and Profoto Umbrellas. Most RFi Softboxes can be used with B10 and B10 Plus but we do not recommend using RFi Softboxes larger than Rectangular 3x4, Octa 4’ or Strip 1x4 due to the weight of the larger sizes that are available in these shapes.

What is the power of the B10 Plus in watt-seconds?  
The flash is rated 500Ws. (For reference: B1X: 500Ws. B10: 250Ws)  

Will the B10 Plus have 20 Air channels out of the box? 
Not the very first production batches. This means that some of the first units will need their firmware updated to get the 20 channels. The update is free and easy to perform. The easiest way is to update through the Profoto iPhone App. An alternative is to download the update from My Profoto and update via the USB port. 

Can you shoot with the B10 Plus and charge at the same time?
Yes, you can.

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