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Profoto A1/A1X firmware

Below you can find the latest firmware version available for download. In the video our product specialist Chris Fain helps you with a step-by-step instruction on how to upgrade your product.

13 March, 2024


Release notes

  • Nikon LED auto focus assist support for mirrorless cameras.
    This update will add AF assist (Auto focus assist) support for Nikon mirrorless cameras, the LED will automatically be used for AF assist.
    Please note! To enable this new function, the Nikon mirrorless camera also needs to be update with Nikon’s latest firmware version.

  • Auto focus type option for Canon, Sony and Fujfilm A new settings option “AF TYPE”, will give the user ability to set LED or Laseras preferred AF assist light source.

  • Full control of Air groups A-F.
    Extended control with group E-F controllable directly from unit.

  • Updated user interface.
Profoto A1/A1X firmware for Mac
Profoto A1/A1X firmware for PC