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How to create a soft romantic light

20 maj, 2020

Av: Profoto

For this fashion shoot, photographer Andrea Belluso wanted a soft light that had no visible shadows and no drama. In order to achieve that look, he needed the right kind of light shaping tools and chose two large RFi softboxes. Here's how to achieve the look yourself.

Andrea's light setup: Pro-10, two Pro-Head Plus and two RFi Softbox 4x6'

Step 1. Use a bright colored backdrop to blend with the soft light. For this shoot, Andrea used Arctic White from Colorama. 

Step 2. Consider choosing pastel colored clothes for the models to enhance the romantic touch.

Step 3. Attach the softboxes to your flashes and position them close to each other and to the models. Using two softboxes will increase the size of the light.

The trick here is to get as close as you can to the models since the light becomes softer the closer you get. As soon as you move your lights further away from the models, the light will become harder. 

Profoto's softboxes are avaliable in sizes from 1x1,3 foot to 4x6 foot.

Av: Profoto

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