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What's new with the Profoto OCF II modifiers?

17 juni, 2020

Av: Profoto

Our new range of Profoto OCF II modifiers is made for creative photographers on the move. They are as portable, lightweight and easy to use as the lights they have been created for. Curious about what's new and improved? Our product expert Chris Fain will guide you through it in 4 short video tutorials.

The new OCF II Grid & Gel Kit from Profoto

  • You can use grids to focus your light where you want attention and gels to match a scene or explore color. 
  • The new OCF II Gel & Grid holder has a newly re-designed rubber collar and metal clasp that makes mounting your holder to the flash incredibly easy. 
  • The front of the Grid & Gel Holder has a metal ring that makes installing the magnetic grids and gels a breeze. This also allows you to stack your OCF II modifiers to achieve new and creative looks. 
  • The OCF II Grids comes in 10, 20 and 30 degrees as well as 12 different variants of colored gels.

The new OCF II Snoot from Profoto

  • A snoot is fantastic light shaping tool for creating crisp and direct light with the round shape and no spill.
  • With the introduction of the new OCF II Snoot we have taken portability to a whole new level. It has been designed to easily be folded down to carry on location. When you're ready to use it, simply pop it open. 
  • With the durable rubber collar and metal clasp, adding the OCF II Snoot to your flash has never been easier. 

The new the OCF II Barndoor from Profoto 

  • OCF II Barndoor gives you the ability to cut and shape light with precision. 
  • With the all new rubber collar and metal clasp, mounting the new OCF II Barndoor to your flash is a snap. 
  • The four individually controlled barndoors can be freely rotated 360 degrees so you can control your light spread with precision. 
  • With the integrated magnetic mount for the OCF II Grid & Gels, the light shaping options are endless. 

How to mount the new Profoto OCF II Modifiers? 

Av: Profoto

Produkter som används i artikeln

OCF II Grid & Gel Kit

För färgbalans och kreativitet.
1 990 kr

OCF II Barndoor

Formar ljuset med precision.
1 990 kr

OCF II Grids

Kontrollera ströljuset och minska ljusspridningen.
Från 690 kr

OCF II Snoot

Minskar ljusspridningen och ger ett krispigt och riktat ljus.
990 kr

OCF II Grid & Gel Holder

Hållare för OCF II Gels och OCF II Grids.
990 kr

Profoto B10

Stort ljus i ett litet format
Från 17 990 kr