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Profoto Academy certification process

At Profoto Academy, we’re committed to helping you to improve as a photographer and take your creativity to the next level. Therefore, we provide a clear learning path to enable you to achieve this and become a Certified Image Creator. Here’s how to successfully complete the program.

How it works

1. Enroll in a series: A series consists of three or four courses from the same photographer. Each course is up to 1 hour long and includes real life shoots. As you watch all the courses, pay attention to the content and answer the in-course quizzes.

2. Download the PDF guide: After each course, you get a free, step-by-step PDF guide to take away. It offers lots of useful tips, so you can apply what you’ve learned.

3. Take the photo challenge: Once you’ve completed all courses in the series, you just have one final task - your photo challenge. This is a chance to show us what you can do. Simply download your assignment, follow the instructions and start creating your magic.

4. Submit your image: When your image is ready, simply send it to us for review and assessment, along with the form. Then wait for our feedback.

Approval process

Assessment & personal feedback: Once we have received your image, we’ll assess your work and provide personalized feedback, which we’ll email to you.

Certificate upon completion: We’ll mark your work out of 100. If you get a score of at least 60 points, you’ll successfully complete your assignment and will receive your certificate. Don’t worry if you score under 60, because you’ll get another chance. Simply read your feedback and use it to improve your next image. 

Share your achievement

Don’t be shy and share what you’ve done on social media. Also, make sure you use hashtags #profotoacademy for a chance to become the featured student of the month on Profoto’s Social Media channels. It’s a great way for a wider, international audience to see your work.

The certification process in short:

  • Complete a series of courses
  • Take the photo challenge
  • Submit your image
  • Become Certified Image Creator on approval

Watch this video to learn more

If you'd like more details about the whole process, including how the scoring works, watch this video by Miguel Jacob, Profoto Academy's educational manager.