Bring out the beauty with Beauty Dishes

The clue is in the name – beauty dish. That’ s because the unique light it creates is perfectly suited to bring out the beauty of the subject. Creamy, yet crisp light that feels completely natural makes these light shaping tools ideal for people photography. Whether it’ s fashion or portraiture the results are second to none.

Profoto Beauty Dishes come in two models. The traditional Softlight Reflectors are made of metal and are mostly used in studio, whereas the OCF Beauty Dishes are lightweight, made with fabric and are collapsible which makes them super-portable and therefore ideal for location use.

  • The studio classic
    Softlight Reflector
  • The portable for on location
    OCF Beauty Dish
  • Softlight Reflector
    The studio classic

    Often referred to as the “beauty dish,” the reason is simple: it offers the perfect combination of even light, crisp definition and contrast. The resulting effect is a pristine, natural look with slightly accentuated shadows that’ s ideal for portraits and fashion photography. The white version delivers a softer and slightly more even light than its silver counterpart that brings more punch and contrast. You can use both with all Profoto lights.

    Recommended for: Main light
    Popular applications: Beauty head shot, Portrait in studio
    Variants: White, Silver

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  • OCF Beauty Dish
    The portable for on location

    The OCF Beauty Dish is collapsible, portable and dedicated to our off-camera flashes. It creates a creamy yet crisp light, often referred to as a “beauty light” that brings out the very best in the subject. Since it’ s specifically designed for on-location photography, the OCF Beauty Dish is compact, lightweight and easy to fold and unfold. High-quality fabrics and patent-pending design allows you to snap it onto the speedring without having to fumble with the rods.

    Recommended for: Main light
    Popular applications: Beauty head shot, Portrait on location
    Variants: White, Silver

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Help me choose

Our short guide below can help you find the right beauty dish for your needs.


Which model is right for me?

The Softlight Reflectors are classic Profoto light modifiers, famous for their flattering beauty light. They’re made in metal and can be used with all Profoto lights. The OCF Beauty Dishes are lightweight, made with fabric and collapsible, which makes them perfect for on-location shooting. The OCF models are dedicated for our popular off-camera flashes only.


Which color?

Choose a White beauty dish when you want a softer and even light. Choose the Silver beauty dish if you want a little bit more punch and contrast in the light. What they have in common is that they both give you what we refer to as a beautiful, creamy yet crisp light.

Add ons

Accessorize your Beauty Dish

The Beauty Dishes give a beautiful light just as they are, but we also offer you the opportunity to fine tune your lighting output with a few recommended accessories.

Photo: Carolina Nikotian

Speedring, Diffusers and Grids

Complete your OCF Beauty Dish with our OCF Speedring, which serves multiple purposes since it can also be used with all OCF softboxes. You get an included optional diffuser delivered with the OCF Beauty Dish if you need a more diffused light. And for the Softlight Reflector we offer an optional diffuser, a grid and a glass plate.

OCF Speedring

Used to mount OCF Softboxes and OCF Beauty Dishes

Grid 515 mm

Grid for the Softlight Reflectors

Diffuser for Softlight Reflector

Diffuses and softens the light from your Softlight Reflector
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