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Profoto unveils online education with Profoto Academy - Shaping your future

25 October, 2017

Light is the essence of every great image. And for the last 50 years, Profoto has played a key role in enabling many of the world’s most renowned photographers to create their iconic images through light.

It seemed only natural then that Profoto should launch a series of photography courses with the focus on light and how to shape it creatively.

Profoto Academy is a series of online video courses designed to educate and inspire the talented photographers who might be at the beginning of their journey with light and light shaping. Providing them with the tools they need to grow and develop their craft – to help them take their image creation to the next level.

Participants get to choose a course series from different fields of photography: Fashion, Portrait and Wedding. And there are more courses to be added in the future. But this isn’t just a series of online videos – it’s a journey that culminates in Profoto certification.

It works like this: As they watch, they also interact with the content through a series of quizzes related to what they have seen. And at the end of the course, a photography assignment is set for the participants to apply everything they’ve learned.

Participants submit their image and receive personal feedback from a course instructor before finally becoming a Certified Image Creator.

Ultimately, Profoto Academy is about playing our part in shaping the next generation of photographers. Providing those who participate with the right tools, a comprehensive understanding of light and how to shape it, and the confidence to take their creativity to new heights.

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