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Profoto Connect Pro - Trigger ultimate connectivity

21 June, 2022

When you're on set, shooting off-camera with multiple lights, you need more than just a reliable trigger - you need complete control. It's why we created the Profoto Connect Pro; it's more than a remote - it's the central nervous system of the shoot - because everything flows through it.

The Profoto Connect Pro is remarkably easy to use. Forget the user manual; the large display is intuitive and straightforward, with improved TTL group control. Simply slide it on your camera's hot-shoe - and you're ready to create great images.

Yes, in the first instance, it connects your camera with multiple flashes - but beyond that, it allows instant and complete control of each individual flash setting from your shooting position so you can finesse and fine-tune at will.

This 'over abundance' of control is thanks to Profoto's awarded AirX connectivity, which allows you to tailor your workflow to whatever shooting situation you find yourself in.

You can also choose where you receive the information because the group controls on the Connect Pro are easily mirrored in the Profoto Control app on your iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone. And with up to 100 available channels, there will always be a free channel for your lighting setup, even in the largest commercial studios.

Add to that improved battery life and seamless firmware updates via Profoto AirX, and you have a remote that takes connectivity to new heights.

“Our overarching mission is to make access to great light easy for all professional photographers. And with the introduction of Connect Pro, we take yet another step towards accomplishing our mission,” says Marko Pirc, Product Manager at Profoto.
“The Connect Pro and AirX will be at the very heart of the Profoto system, the keys to the kingdom, so to speak. And our plans for the system don’t stop here. We have great plans for it to grow and develop for years to come.”

Of course, with the Connect Pro, you’ll benefit from Profoto's typically impeccable build quality alongside minimal and stylish design. And as you'd expect from a Profoto product, it's utterly reliable, delivering superior consistency flash after flash – so you’ll never miss a shot.