How Sports Photographer Cameron Baird Made the Oracle Team USA Look Like the Powerhouse They Are

20 February, 2014

Written by: Fredrik Franzén

Oracle Team USA is the yacht racing team that won last year’s America’s Cup. Sports photographer Cameron Baird was hired to shoot the team and make them look like the powerhouse they are. And boy did he pull it off.

To achieve this, Baird used a number of Pro-8 packsSoftlight ReflectorsStripLights and a Giant Reflector 240, to name just a few things. The result look like something straight out of a billion dollar Michael Bay movie. But even though there is obviously a  serious tone to the images, there is no lack of heart. As the behind-the-scenes clip shows, the team had a great day, and it shines through in the final result.

The final shots can be found over at the RXR Sports website (Baird’s Management and consulting firm.)

You should also check out Baird’s website. Some mind blowing shots there.

Thanks to ISO1200 for putting our eyes on this.

Written by: Fredrik Franzén