The B1 Webinar with Mark Wallace Was Recorded and Is Now Available As a Video

13 December, 2013

Written by: Fredrik Franzén

Last Wednesday we did our very first B1 webinar with Mark Wallace. In case you missed, it was recorded and has now been published as a video.

During the webinar, Mark presented the unique features of the B1 off-camera flash, such as its groundbreaking TTL function, its 100% cordless operation and its impressive power and speed. He also tried using it for a few different lighting setups, and did his best trying to answer the questions that came pouring in through the chat and Twitter. The video that came out of it is about an hour long and jam-packed with good stuff.

For your information, Mark will do more of these B1 webinars during the coming months. He will then focus less on the product on more on what you can actually do with it.

The next webinar is scheduled for January 22. But more info about that later.

Have  a great weekend!

Written by: Fredrik Franzén