Device connectivity

Device connectivity

I can’t connect to my Profoto B10. What’s wrong?
First, check that your B10 is turned on and that Bluetooth is activated. You will find the Bluetooth setting in the B10 menu. Select ON to make the B10 discoverable. When Bluetooth is activated, you will see the Bluetooth icon at the bottom of the main screen on the B10 display.
You should now find your available lights in a pop-up screen. Choose the light(s) you want to connect to your B10 and tap "Done". Your selection will be saved and preselected automatically the next time you start the app.
You can always search for available nearby lights via the app main menu. Tap the hamburger (main) menu icon. Tap "Remote control" and tap the plus symbol in the upper right-hand corner on the newly opened screen. 

How do I put my Profoto B10 into sleep mode?
Activate or deactivate your light by tapping the switch on top left of the settings card. This switch will put your light into standby (i.e., it’ll turn it off). 

How do I disconnect my Profoto B10?
Enter "Remote control" from the app main menu. Choose your light and tap the wheel icon and you find a "Disconnect" button at the bottom of the settings for your light.

Can I have other Bluetooth devices connected to my phone while photographing using the Profoto app and B10?

Yes you can. However, if you have another active Bluetooth connection between your phone and a Bluetooth accessory, such as a watch or headphones, it may take about 15 seconds before you can start photographing with the Profoto app and B10.