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Easy updates

Which Profoto products can I update from Profoto Camera?
Using Profoto Camera, you can update the firmware of Profoto C1, Profoto C1 Plus, Profoto B10, Profoto B10 Plus and Profoto Connect. 

How do I check if I need to update my device?
You will see an "Update" button in the Remote Control section for your device. Tap and follow the in-app instructions.

How do I check which firmware version my device is running on?
In the Remote Control section for your device, press the cogwheel, then Advanced, to see the firmware version your device is running on. 

How do I update Profoto Camera?
New versions of Profoto Camera will be available in the App Store. In the App Store, under the tab “Updates”, tap to see the latest available version of Profoto Camera (“Profoto”). We will continuously release updated versions to ensure the best possible user experience.

How do I know which Profoto Camera version I am using?
In the remote control/devices section, you will be able to read which Profoto Camera version you are using.