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Profoto Connect

As a photographer used to working with multiple lights and the Air Remote TTL, what additional benefits can the Profoto Connect offer me?
Profoto Connect works as a master trigger on one channel at the time, and paired with the Profoto App offers you as a user a new way to remotely control your Profoto lights. We believe this provides simplicity to certain customers with certain kinds of workflows. Our intention is not to replace the Air Remote TTL with Profoto Connect, it's here to widen your options.

How do I adjust the flash exposure if it is too bright or too dark?
In Auto mode, you can fine-tune the flash exposure compensation by a simple swipe in the Profoto app. You can also fine-tune it directly in your camera if it has the “Flash Exposure Compensation” function (sometimes known as “FEC”). In Manual mode, you have full control of the flash exposure compensation by using the Profoto app or by adjusting directly on the flash.

Is it possible to update the firmware using the included cable?
No. To update your Profoto Connect you need to use the Profoto App.

The Profoto App shows my Profoto Connect as a Canon version, what's wrong?
This is a bug with early firmware versions. Continue the installation of the new firmware and the issue will resolve itself.

The firmware update got interrupted and now my Profoto Connect won't start, what should I do?
In case the firmware update was interrupted or for other reasons failed, the Profoto Connect can become unresponsive and need to be updated again.

To recover your Profoto Connect, plug in the USB-C cable and connect to a power source, turn the dial to Manual and bring your phone close to your Profoto Connect while running the Profoto App. Follow the instructions in the Profoto App to update the unit, after 3-5 minutes your Profoto Connect will have rebooted and is good to go again.

What are the specifications of the built in battery for the Profoto Connect?
Battery capacity is 630 mAh.
Charge to 65 % - 2h
Charge to 100 % - 3h 20min

Is it possible to replace the battery?

What is the life expectancy of the built-in battery?
The Connect's battery is specified to last a minimum of 500 charge cycles. With up to 30 hours of use per full charge, this adds up to 15000 hours of shooting. Assuming this would last you a full work week, the Connects battery will have a lifetime of over 9 years in normal use.

Can I charge my Profoto Connect and use it on camera at the same time?

Can I use it when it’s raining?
No, we do not recommend that you use Profoto Connect in the rain.

Can I see the power level of my flash in the app when using the Profoto Connect?
No, Profoto Connect cannot receive feedback from your flash.

Which camera models are compatible?
The list of compatible camera models is always updated. For latest info please visit the product page.

What do you mean by channels?
Channels allows you to broadcast commands to your lights on different frequencies.

How do I set or change the channel?
At startup Profoto Connect is automatically set to channel 1. You can change to other channels using the Profoto app.

How many channels are available with my Profoto Connect?
20 channels. If you only have access to 8 channels, please upgrade to latest firmware directly in the Profoto app.

Which apps are compatible with Profoto Connect?
Profoto Connect is compatible with Profoto iOS app and Profoto Android Control app (both referred to as “Profoto App” in the rest of this FAQ questions)

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