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My D2 is acting weird after updating to firmware version B1, what should I do?

This release involves changing the firmware on the radio module in the D2, which takes about 10-15 seconds after the new firmware package is loaded. 
The user interface will be locked while the radio module is updated.

If Air communication doesn't work after upgrading to version B1, please perform the following steps:

• Upload previous firmware version A9.
• Start the device and wait 15 seconds.
• Upload firmware version B1 again.
• Start the device and wait 15 seconds.

I mostly shoot indoors, so what is the advantage of HSS?
You have full control of the ambient light if you, for example, shoot close to windows. With HSS you can control all ambient light and be in full control of the lighting. There is no need to use ND filters on the camera to control the ambient lighting. If you shoot some type of action in mixed light, it is great to use HSS to freeze the movement. Using a regular flash may frequently result in motion blur since the sync is normally not faster than 1/250s.

Can I change the orientation of the display?
Yes, select the special setting menu by pressing the settings button for 3 seconds to display a setting for display orientation. 

I normally travel to various places in the world, does the D2 work globally or do I need a special version?
Both the D1 and the D2 are multi-voltage. That means you can use them anywhere around the globe. Just plug and play!

Can the D2 monolights freeze motion? What recycling time is required?

The answer is yes to both questions. It depends on the existing ambient light. The more existing ambient light you have, the harder it gets. If you can dim or flag off some light and let the flash freeze the motion, you will be fine. Less light = lower power level on D2 = shorter flash duration down to 1/63000 sec.

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