Profoto B1X - The cordless, battery-powered monolight | Profoto (US)

The professional benchmark for on-location lights

The Profoto B1X has become a professional benchmark for cordless, battery-powered monolights. It's robust in design and build, cordless and offers both TTL and HSS. All of which makes it a reliable workhorse you can bring on any on-location assignment.

  • TTL and manual mode
  • High-Speed Sync
    up to 1/8,000s
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
    325 full-power flashes
  • Power & control
    500Ws and 9 f-stops
  • 24W LED (Output equivalent to 130W Halogen)


  • Product name:

    B1X 500 AirTTL

  • Product number


  • Popular applications

    Portrait, Wedding, Sports and Action

  • Recommended for

    On-location photography


  • Max energy

    500 Ws

  • Energy range

    9 f-stops (2-500 Ws)

  • Energy control increments

    0.1 f-stops

  • Recycling time

    0.1-1.9 s

  • Energy stability

    ±1/20 f-stop flash to flash

  • Flash modes

    Normal or Freeze

  • Flash duration t0.1

    Normal mode: 1/400 s (500 Ws) - 1/6,000 s (2 Ws)
    Freeze mode: 1/400 s (500 Ws) - 1/8,000 s (2 Ws)

  • Flash duration t0.5

    Normal mode: 1/1,000 s (500 Ws) - 1/11,000 s (2 Ws)
    Freeze mode: 1/1,000 s (500 Ws) - 1/19,000 s (2 Ws)

  • Color temperature

    No data

  • F-stop @ 2m / 100 ISO

    45 2/10 with Magnum Reflector

  • Beam angle

    77 °

  • Field angle

    No data

Continuous light

  • Lamp type


  • Max luminous flux (lumen)

    No data

  • Max illuminance @ 1meter (lux)

    No data

  • Color temperature

    6500 K

  • Color rendering index (CRI)

    No data

  • Beam angle

    No data

  • Field angle

    No data

  • Max power

    No data

Wireless connectivity

  • Built-in connectivity

    Profoto AirTTL

  • Frequency band

    2.4 GHz (2404 to 2479.3 MHz)

  • Supported Air functions

    Sync, TTL, HSS and remote ontrol

  • Number of Air channels

    8 (1-8)

  • Number of groups per Air Channel

    6, (TTL operation: 3 (A-C), manual operation: 3 (D-F))

  • Wireless operating range

    With Profoto remotes: 0.5 - 100 m (1.5- 330 ft)
    (in optimal conditions up to 300 m (1000 ft))


  • Sync

    1x 3.5mm socket (mini-phone)

  • Other

    USB Mini


  • Power supply

    Li-Ion Battery MkII for B1/B1X

  • Battery capacity

    Up to 325 full power flashes

  • Battery charger

    Battery Charger 2.8A

  • Battery charging time

    2 hours


  • Firmware update

    via USB Mini

  • Photocell/IR-slave


  • Stand adapter


  • Umbrella mount


  • Operation temperature

    0 °C to +35 °C
    32 °F to 95 °F

  • Storage temperature

    Store in normal indoor conditions


  • Width

    14 cm / 5.5 in

  • Length

    31 cm / 12.2 in

  • Height

    21 cm / 8.3 in

  • Weight

    3 kg / 6.6 lbs (including battery)

At a glance

Why choose the B1X?

Robust ease of use for professionals

Professionals need straightforward gear they can trust when they need it. And that is exactly what the B1X is. It is a robust, fully cordless light with a large grip friendly handle and a few simple, intuitive controls. So instead of tripping over cables, fiddling with user manuals or worrying about your gear, you can focus on being creative and getting the job done.

The power and speed you need

Whether you’re shooting in bright sun or low light, B1X offers you both power and control with 500Ws adjustable over a 9 f-stop power range. And you’ll never miss that perfect moment. With a speed of up to 20 flashes per second and short flash duration of 1/19,000s, the B1X will always be able to keep up with both the action and your camera.

Battery power you can rely on

Don’t worry about losing power at a vital moment – B1X’s rechargeable Lithium-ion battery provides up to 325 flashes at full power and tens of thousands at lowest power. And it recharges in no time.

Modeling light with power and quality

A powerful LED modeling light enables you to preview your shot and evaluate how light and shadows falls on the subject. The high color rendering of the LED also makes it very useful as main or effect light in low light situations.

Capture the moment in perfect light with AirTTL

Finding the right exposure first time can be a challenge when time is limited or the light is constantly changing. AirTTL automatically finds it for you – so all you need to do is point and shoot. Alternatively, you can switch to manual mode, keep your previous TTL settings and fine tune the exposure until you achieve exactly the look and feel you want.

Shape light in broad daylight with HSS

With Profoto High-Speed Sync (HSS) it doesn’t matter how bright the sun shines. It enables you to use your flash at shutter speeds up to 1/8,000s. So you can overpower the sun and shape your light even with large apertures in broad daylight.

Explore your light shaping potential

Photography is all about controlling and shaping light. With the B1X it’s easy to take your creativity to the next level with any of Profoto´s 120+ light shaping tools.

Power in all the right places Profoto B1X

We’d like to think of the B1X as power with a purpose. And that purpose is simple; we want you to be able to realize your vision wherever you may go. If that’s halfway up a mountain, overpowering the sun hanging off a rock overlooking the Mediterranean – then so be it. Because the B1X is no stay-at-home flash; it’s for the professionals who likes to get out there on location in the real world. That’s why B1X offers Profoto studio light reliability and performance in a cordless and robust and package that is battletested on location by professionals. Because we want you to have power in all the right places.

Experience Taking on-location shooting to new heights

Taking on-location shooting to new heights

When we say “power in all the right places” we really mean it. See for yourself.
4 reasons why Profoto B1X is the go-to action flash

4 reasons why Profoto B1X is the go-to action flash

The Profoto B1X is described by many action photographers as the ultimate go-to flash, when you absolutely have to rely on simplicity, speed, power, and rugged ability to take on rough locations. Watch four photographers in action as they show why B1X is the flash they trust.
This is the B1X The new benchmark for on-location lighting

The new benchmark for on-location lighting

Let Marketing Project Leader Samantha Grönblad introduce B1X
Go behind the scenes Power in all the right places

Power in all the right places

Tim Kemple uses the powerful B1X and the OCF Hard Reflectors to capture a series of stunning images on the island of Mallorca
Go behind the scenes Vicky Papas’ enchanting couture portraits with the Profoto B1X and the OCF Beauty Dish

Vicky Papas’ enchanting couture portraits with the Profoto B1X and the OCF Beauty Dish

Go behind the scenes Be creative everywhere

Be creative everywhere

Michael Anthony creates three dramatic wedding portraits with different Profoto OCF lighting set-ups
Add ons

Accessorize your B1X

The more lighting options you have, the more light shaping control and creativity you have at your disposal. The B1X is part of Profoto’s AirTTL system and offer a range of high-end lighting options, access to more than 120 light shaping tools and premium designed bags to get everything to location quickly and easily.

Photo: Karl Gough

Air Remote TTL

Shoot in automatic TTL mode, control your flashes manually from your camera, sync several flashes at once – AirTTL makes it all possible.

Air Remote TTL

Wirelessly connects your AirTTL light with your camera
From $249.00
View all Air Remotes
Photo: Karl Gough

Light Shaping Tools

Photography is all about controlling and shaping light. With the B1X it’s easy to take your creativity to the next level with our dedicated range of portable and lightweight OCF Light Shaping Tools.

OCF Zoom Reflector

Adds power to our flat fronted lights

OCF Magnum Reflector

Adds maximum power to our flat fronted lights
View all recommended lights shaping tools
Photo: Karl Gough


Custom bags to pack your gear in, batteries, chargers and flashtubes. The bits and pieces that bring it all together.

Li-Ion Battery MkII for B1 and B1X

A spare battery for the B1 and B1X

Car Charger 1.8A

A car charger for the B1/B1X and B2 batteries
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