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Hard Reflectors

Everything you need to complement your light shaping tools. Whether it's speedrings or softgrids, diffusers or backpanels – they'll provide you with maximum versatility for endless light shaping possibilities. Read more

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Soft Zoom Reflector

Creates soft and hard light, and everything in between.
From $2,495.00

Profoto B10X & B10X Plus

The lights for video and stills
From $1,995.00

Discontinued Grid Kit

Used with the A1X or A1 for a more direct and circular shape of light

Clic Fresnel

Concentrated light with a Clic

Clic Gel Holder

Color in a Clic

Clic Magnum

Make it brighter in a Clic

OCF Magnum Reflector

Adds maximum power to our flat fronted lights

OCF Softbox Square

Ideal for head and shoulder portraits, used with off-camera flashes

OCF Zoom Reflector

Adds power to our flat fronted lights

Zoom Reflector

A classic among our light shaping tools

Bounce Card

Bounce light with the A10, A1X or A1

Clic Barndoor

Light control in a Clic

Clic Color Correction Kit

With five various color temperatures you can easily adjust every scene to your liking.

Clic Color Effects Kit

Seven colors equals a multitude of possibilities.

Clic CTO Kit

Color Temperature Orange Kit to balance created light with ambient light.

Clic Grid Kit

Grid kit for extended light-shaping opportunities.

Clic OCF Adapter II

The Clic OCF Adapter II is compatible with all Profoto A-series flashes. The magnetic ring integrated into the cylinder design means Profoto's full range of OCF light shaping tools is available on the go.

Clic Snoot

Create a clean-cut spotlight with Clic Snoot. Compatible with Profoto A-series flashes and Clic light shaping tools with a flat surface.

Magnum Reflector

A hard reflector that offers power and finesse


Be creative with color.
From $70.00

OCF II Grids

Control stray light and reduce light spread.
From $70.00

OCF II Snoot

Reduce light spread and create crisp direct light.

OCF Softbox Octa

Ideal for flattering portraits, used with off-camera flashes
From $119.00

OCF Softbox Rectangular

A popular, versatile softbox for off-camera flashes

OCF Softbox Strip

Ideal for edge or rim lighting, used with off-camera flashes
From $149.00

Discontinued Gel Kit

Used with the A1X or A1 for color correction on the go

Discontinued Wide Lens

Creates a pleasing wide light with the A1X or A1

Clic Softbox Octa

Soft light in a Clic
From $299.00

OCF II Grid & Gel Holder

Mount for OCF II Gels and Grids.

OCF II Grid & Gel Kit

For color balance and creativity.

Soft Zoom Grid

Controls stray light and reduces light spread from your Soft Zoom Reflector.
From $399.00

WideZoom Reflector

For a wide and even versatile light with crispness

Discontinued NarrowBeam Travel Reflector

A more portable version of the NarrowBeam Reflector

Discontinued OCF Barndoor

A portable barndoor for our off-camera flashes

Discontinued OCF Snoot

A snoot for off-camera flashes

Barndoor 337 mm

A barndoor for the Magnum, TeleZoom and NarrowBeam Reflectors

Barndoor for Zoom Reflector

Used to control and flag off light from the Zoom Reflector

Grid 100 mm

5°/10°/20° grids for flat fronted lights
From $164.00

Grid and Filter Holder 180 mm

Used to mount a snoot, grid and filters onto the Zoom Reflector

OCF Adapter

Access a world of creative possibilities

OCF II Gel Ring

For customized colors and effects.

RFi Softbox Rectangular

A popular, versatile softbox
From $149.00

Softlight Reflector White

Our classic beauty dish
From $479.00

Discontinued OCF Grid Kit

A kit of three portable grids for our off-camera flashes

Diffuser for Softlight Reflector

Diffuses and softens the light from your Softlight Reflector

Glass for Softlight Reflector

Adds punch in the light from your Softlight Reflector

Grid 180 mm

5°/10°/20° grids for the Zoom Reflector or Grid and Gel Holder
From $153.00

Grid 280 mm

Grid for the WideZoom Reflector

Grid 337 mm

Grid for the Magnum, TeleZoom and NarrowBeam Reflectors

Grid 515 mm

Grid for the Softlight Reflectors

OCF Beauty Dish White

A portable beauty dish for off-camera flashes

OCF II Barndoor

Shape light with precision.

RFi Softbox Square

Ideal for portraits and product photography
From $255.00

Snoot for Zoom Reflector

A snoot used with the standard Zoom Reflector

Softlight Reflector Silver

Our classic beauty dish

Discontinued Seven Inch Grid Reflector

Makes your 7” grids compatible with Profoto heads

Discontinued Disc Reflector

Eliminates stray light

Discontinued ProTube 337 mm

Reduces spill light from Magnum, NarrowBeam and TeleZoom Reflectors


A tool to take absolute control of your highlights

OCF Stripmask

From $36.00

Clic Softgrid Octa

Softgrid for Clic Softbox
From $129.00


A tool to create an extremely hard light