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Create a variety of harder light effects with our Hard Reflectors, or a beautiful, even light over a very large area with our parabolic Giant Reflectors. And our Cine Reflectors let you turn your photo set into a video set. Read more

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Soft Zoom Reflector

Creates soft and hard light, and everything in between.
From $2,495.00

Profoto B10X & B10X Plus

The lights for video and stills
From $1,995.00

Discontinued Grid Kit

Used with the A1X or A1 for a more direct and circular shape of light

Clic Fresnel

Concentrated light with a Clic

Clic Gel Holder

Color in a Clic

Clic Magnum

Make it brighter in a Clic

OCF Magnum Reflector

Adds maximum power to our flat fronted lights

OCF Softbox Square

Ideal for head and shoulder portraits, used with off-camera flashes

OCF Zoom Reflector

Adds power to our flat fronted lights

Zoom Reflector

A classic among our light shaping tools

Bounce Card

Bounce light with the A10, A1X or A1

Clic Barndoor

Light control in a Clic

Clic Color Correction Kit

With five various color temperatures you can easily adjust every scene to your liking.

Clic Color Effects Kit

Seven colors equals a multitude of possibilities.

Clic CTO Kit

Color Temperature Orange Kit to balance created light with ambient light.

Clic Grid Kit

Grid kit for extended light-shaping opportunities.

Clic OCF Adapter II

The Clic OCF Adapter II is compatible with all Profoto A-series flashes. The magnetic ring integrated into the cylinder design means Profoto's full range of OCF light shaping tools is available on the go.

Clic Snoot

Create a clean-cut spotlight with Clic Snoot. Compatible with Profoto A-series flashes and Clic light shaping tools with a flat surface.

Magnum Reflector

A hard reflector that offers power and finesse


Be creative with color.
From $70.00

OCF II Grids

Control stray light and reduce light spread.
From $70.00

OCF II Snoot

Reduce light spread and create crisp direct light.

OCF Softbox Octa

Ideal for flattering portraits, used with off-camera flashes
From $119.00