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Circus explores the Profoto Soft Zoom Reflector

01 November, 2023

Verfasst von: Annabelle Plueckthun

Located in the heart of Milan, Circus Studios is one of the world’s most creative and distinguished production companies. Consisting of a team of passionate out-of-the-box thinkers, the studio produces high-class content for renowned magazines like Vogue Italia, brands like Miu Miu and Boss, and more. We had the pleasure of getting a glimpse behind the scenes at Circus while the team experimented with the Profoto Soft Zoom Reflector to capture stunning visuals in hard and soft light.

Putting the Soft Zoom Reflector to test

When we entered the magnificent industrial complex, producer Maddalena Carbon welcomed us by the giant door. Guiding us past a vintage red Vespa, we stepped foot into the breathtaking main studio featuring a 90 sqm infinity cove where the team was setting up. Bopping their heads to Italian tunes, assistants Michela Pastorello and Dimitrji Damiani prepped one of their Profoto Pro-11 and the Soft Zoom Reflector 180 when the morning sunlight perfectly illuminated the scene and covered the building’s original street art in a beautiful golden yellow.

We asked Circus as the first European studio to test and try our 180 and 120 Soft Zoom Reflectors. The team used the lightshaping tools to shoot their new workwear overalls in a minimalist setting using soft and hard light. The models? Circus’ own! Stefano Camera and Antonia Zanette turned out to be excellent behind and in front of the camera.

The Soft Zoom Reflectors enable photographers to create the exact look they need and want. “Right from the start, we realized how easy they are to set up and use. In just a few steps and a matter of minutes, our assistants are ready to shoot - and for a photographic studio like ours, ensuring quality while staying on schedule is crucial,” says photographer Sergio Calderoni.

Blending cutting-edge technology with the origins of photography

Innovation embraced tradition when the Soft Zoom Reflector was placed in Circus’ AgX Photo Lab, a creative hub where the creatives expand their know-how to the art of analog photography. Demonstrating how innovation can embrace tradition, photographer Consiglio Manni used the 120 Reflector and a Profoto A10 to create both a hard and a soft light set-up in the Lab. “The Soft Reflector left a mark on our creative journey, inspiring us to explore new narratives and keep the art of analog alive in the digital age,” says Consiglio.

Exploring the reflector: from soft to hard light and everything in between

Moving to the next set in Circus’ elegant M studio, the team created a more intimate set-up. Switching from hard, sharp light to almost contrast-free and diffused light is easy and intuitive with the Soft Zoom Reflector. “The Reflector allows us to get the exact light we’re striving for, with almost surgical precision.” 

Multifaceted and versatile, the tool offers endless opportunities in a single modifier. Users can utilize the included Zoom Rod to adjust the zoom and instantly watch their scene transform. “The Soft Zoom Reflector performs well in any situation, always ensuring fascinating creative outcomes.”

The perfect solution for various use cases, the reflector convinces photographers with a simplified, speedy setup and the highest level of efficiency. ”It’s the perfect answer for when you’re asked to produce a clear outcome,” says Sergio.

Elevating their creativity with the power of Profoto

Rounding off the shoot in the spacious L studio, the team created a clean-looking set, inviting in the Italian afternoon light in its full glory when ringmaster and executive producer Alessandro Villata came to check on us. Under his lead, the team Circus team prides itself on decade-long collaborations with haute-couture houses, famous actors, and internationally known photographers. “Profoto helps us create whatever comes up in our mind with a vastness of different products and the professionalism that always makes us choose Profoto.”

Next to the Soft Zoom Reflectors, the team swears by Pro-11, and their favorite battery flashes B10X Plus and A10. “Having reliable gear that’s fast and light-weight is crucial for us. We need products that perform in every situation – from studio environments to extreme conditions in the mountains. All Profoto battery flashes are easy to use and the perfect example of that,” explains Sergio. “We use Profoto for the reliability of the product, the efficiency, and the speed.”

From gear and state-of-the-art studio rental to full-on creative productions

The studio not only provides equipment for and services for high-end studio and outdoor productions but also offers a diverse list of services. From location shoot consulting to set design and full-scale production, Circus Studios has you covered. Featuring skilled experts in every department, the Circus team prepares and executes over 700 productions a year, focusing mainly on stills, motion imagery, and events.

Providing flexible state-of-the-art studio spaces is one of the many qualities of Circus. The company offers four different studios for different purposes – from Medium (278 sqm) to Extra Large (380 sqm) and even hosts a sound-proof Black Box space for captivating video production next to an impressive warehouse stocked with the latest tech and tools used for their exhaustive gear rental.


Photographers: Sergio Calderoni, Consiglio Manni

Assistants: Michela Pastorello, Dimitrji Damiani

Models/ Circus Team: Antonia Zanette, Stefano Camera 

BTS Photographer: Mirco Tea

Video: Leonardo Pasqua

Production and location: Circus Studios

Verfasst von: Annabelle Plueckthun

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