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Studio[K]irmack breaks creative boundaries using Profoto

25 Oktober, 2022

Established in 2008 and based in Cape Town, Milnerton, Kirmack Design is a creative agency that will provide you with innovative, proven branding, web design, and visually captivating video production.

Their talented team will ensure you a strategy that combines slick production with emotionally resonant storytelling. Whether the objective is to inspire humour, heart, or both. They will work with you to capture everything that makes your brand special and communicate that with powerful persuasion and immediacy.

They use automated Profoto systems for their content production. We spoke to Craig Bellingham, owner of Studio[K]irmack about the business, its future, and how Profoto has made a difference for them.

What is unique about Studio[K]irmack is that they’ve put the Profoto equipment to its best possible use. They know what the systems can do. The creative touch and post-production you’ll see in the images below are all implemented by the talented crew at Studio[K]irmack. That goes to show that you can use something like a Profoto content production automation system for basic e-commerce shots or take it to a whole other level in order to break creative boundaries. It’s all in your hands.

What does Studio[K]irmack do?

Studio[K]irmack cover all our clients’ requirements addressing every aspect of production and all items that they would need to communicate its presence. We have skilled experts in all aspects of this process, from design to development, idea conception to final production - be it print, be it digital. Studio[K]irmack is an all-encompassing creative production agency that will turn your goals and branding needs into brilliant concepts. We guarantee excellent, spot-on communication as we bring this idea into fruition, delivering a polished and inspired final product.

When was Studio[K]irmack born?

It all started way back in May 2008.

How was Studio[K]irmack created? 

I had the idea to create an agency that had a ‘critical’ core strength team that covered most bases. When a project required a specific requirement we sourced and worked with dedicated partners. Simplified traffic and production processes based around the best possible service to its clients.

We have a simple philosophy - service and quality to our clients, look after our core team and surround ourselves with the best possible partners.

Can you tell us in more detail what type of services do you offer?

Studio[K]irmack is a technology driven creative agency that will provide our clients with innovative, proven digital content, web design, e-commerce photography and visually captivating video production. Our talented team will ensure you a strategy that combines slick production with emotionally resonant storytelling.

Where are you based?

Cape Town, South Africa.

What makes you different from other studio providers?

Studio[K]irmack was Africa’s first studio to offer Profoto StyleShoots Live, Vertical, and Horizontal to its existing and new clients. Our studios can be rented by brands or can be operated by our qualified photographic and video team.

We offer a full turnkey solution - a solution that is based exactly on our clients’ needs and requirements. We don’t only offer a studio set up but we also offer the full post-production services. Concept, design, retouching, digital content, e-commerce, video production.

What is your vision for the future of Studio Kirmack?

To be the leading, independent e-commerce and digital content studio in South Africa.

How did you stumble upon Profoto?

Euroshop, Dusseldorf 2017.

How did you make the decision to buy Profoto equipment?

Studio[K]irmack needed to find a new and compelling offering. An offering that allows us to be well positioned in the ever-changing world of e-commerce and digital communication. Profoto has without a shadow of doubt helped us achieve this.

What are the biggest benefits of using Profoto? 

Profoto is a technology-driven business. Their attention to detail not only in the systems but also how they continuously drive to improve the technology that sets them apart. They research and understand global trends and demands, making it the perfect partner for our business.

Does the Profoto equipment help you improve one part of the content production process significantly compared to a traditional studio setup? 

Profoto systems allow a creative agency such as Studio[K]irmack access to world class quality images and video.

Our ability to create content from those assets is allowing us as a business to offer an alternative solution to our clients - ultimately giving them better value for money and speed to market with great content.

What are the biggest differences you’ve noticed between using automated Profoto systems and a traditional studio setup?

Apart from consistent results emanating from the systems, no matter the challenges and or briefs, there is also constant updates and communication from Profoto to the technologies in the solutions meaning that the initial investment continuously improves.

What type of clients do you get on a regular basis?

Retail brands, sports brands, and specialist outlets.

How do you advertise the perks of using Profoto equipment to your potential clients?

Examples of work are shared where possible, PR and continue delivering results our clients have come to expect.

What are some well-known brands you’ve worked or continue to work with to this day?

Studio[K]irmack has successfully done campaigns for Adidas, Reebok, Puma, New Balance, FILA, and Salomon to name a few. As they see and experience what the studio can offer so increases our ability to sell solutions that are relevant yet unexpected to their businesses and brands.

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