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Profoto has the secret recipe for premium visual content creation at scale

26 Oktober, 2022

To succeed in e-commerce, brands have to offer consistent, high-quality visual product content with fast-time-to-market to support consumers in their buying decisions. Matching what the consumer sees on the screen to the item they unpack at home keeps return rates low. The secret recipe is professional photography knowledge and Profoto premium lights combined with automated solutions. As the world leader in professional photography, Profoto is once again challenging the status quo.

Expanding the commitment to e-commerce studios, Profoto offers the world’s first scalable end-to-end solution enabling studios to grow and change setups as their needs change over time. By combining the best hardware and software in modular and automated offerings, Profoto sets the new standard for efficient premium visual content production.

To this day other offerings in the market are limited; either being only automation hardware manufacturers or software suppliers that can help with selected parts of the e-commerce studio needs. Whereas Profoto sticks out being the total partner for e-commerce visual content production.

“We now offer everything for shooting anything from selected items and flat lays, to mannequins and models including dynamic editorials,” says Anders Hedebark, CEO of Profoto.

Modular studio solutions for more flexibility and creativity

Using a selection of Profoto’s most powerful and durable lights and creative light shaping tools is perfect for elevated PDP and editorial content creation. The modular setup includes the Profoto Control Desktop App enabling users to control all light settings directly from the computer. The connected smart software enables seamless communication between lights and camera for easy scaling of e-commerce studios.

Automated studio solutions for repetitive, standardized productions

Four fully automated all-in-one systems enable the highest level of efficiency, consistency, and quality. Best suited for studios that work with fixed setups. The integrated Profoto ProStudio software enables the user to seamlessly style, shoot, and export visuals to their post-production service of choice - from iPad to web in no time.  

"The visual content market is going in two directions: Creative, high-quality photography and high-volume repetitive output for e-commerce. Profoto has the unique ability to do both. We continue to give professional photographers the tools to fully leverage their creative skills. Our studio automation systems, on the other hand, enable users in the e-commerce space to automate repetitive tasks so there's more time to be creative.” says Anders.

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