David Bicho Makes a Doll Come to Life with Lighting | Profoto (DE)
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David Bicho Makes a Doll Come to Life with Lighting

17 September, 2015

Verfasst von: Fredrik Franzén

Remember that trippy video by Nacho Guzman in which she used a moving light and changing colors to cause a human face to look like it was constantly morphing?

Swedish lighting maestro David Bicho has now done his own take on Guzman’s video. But David replaced the human with a doll and the swinging lamp with a cordless Profoto B1 Off-Camera Flash.

The video is titled Direction and David clearly explains why in the video description:

“Direction of light set moods, communicate feelings and maybe even create life.”
- I Couldn’t agree more – direction is one of the fundamental aspects of light shaping.

Bonus fun fact: David has also shot all the evocative product shots on our off-camera flash site.

Verfasst von: Fredrik Franzén