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How to use barndoors to control light on location

03 Juli, 2020

Verfasst von: Profoto

Barndoors in photography are very useful for controlling light on location. Learn the tips and tricks from fashion photographer Lindsay Adler on how to use barndoors to shape and restrict light.

Step 1: Place an OCF Beauty Dish White on a Profoto B10 Plus, and place the light in a short light position.  

Step 2: Place the second flash, a Profoto B10, pointed at the background to create separation from your subject. Add an OCF II Barndoor and close the panels to restrict the light to create a beautiful vignette to the scene. 

Step 3: Add another barndoor to the right of the frame to act as a rim light on the subject's body and jawline.   

OCF II Barndoors can be rotated 360 degrees and can also easily be combined with the colorful OCF II Gels if you want to adjust or add color to your light. 

Verfasst von: Profoto

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