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High-quality flat lay photography

Comprising of everything you need in one tool, Profoto StyleShoots Horizontal is the tool for e-commerce packshots and premium flat lays. Easily style your items and get a ready-to-export background-free image within seconds.

  • E-commerce packshots
  • Flat lay photography
  • Fixed camera angle
  • Helpful styling features
  • Auto background removal


  • Product number



  • Auto Alpha™

    StyleShoots cuts out the background automatically and delivers full alpha transparency.

  • All-in-one studio

    A setup with everything built-in saves space, hides all unecessary complexity, speeds up your workflow and ensures consistency in your output.

  • Light Controller

    Adjust the lighting by moving your finger on the iPad and instantly see the result.

  • Filetype

    Photos: JPG, PNG, TIFF and CR2.


  • Camera System

    Canon EOS camera. Canon 24-105mm lens. Motorized Zoom.

  • Lighting

    High-CRI LED product lights fully adjustable through the iPad.

    Active LED illuminated glass backlight with black/white effect.

  • Electronics

    Apple Mac™ embedded, running the Core software.

    Apple iPad™ running the native iOS controller app.

    Custom electronics controlling the Camera, Zoom and Lighting.


  • Core

    The Core runs all image processing tasks, controls the camera, dims the backlight and orchestrates the lights.

  • iPad app

    Native iOS app ensuring a robust and fluid control of all features.

  • Drive

    Share files on your company network with Drive or save to USB.


  • Height

    260 cm / 8’ 6”

  • Width

    216 cm / 7’ 1”

  • Length

    282 cm / 9’ 3”

Horizontal offers streamlined packshot creation


Style flawless e-commerce packshots or arrange creative flat lay collages using various helpful styling features.


Rely on customizable lighting presets to produce consistent background-free product images.


Easily operated by one person, you’re able to shoot high-resolution packshots at the push of a button.


Seamlessly export your images in various formats for e-commerce, social media, digital signage, and more.

Powerful tech to speed up your studio

Fast turnaround time

Made for e-commerce. From background removal to a seamless export process. Horizontal is designed for fast and efficient packshot production.

Consistent content

No matter how many products you shoot, a lean studio workflow ensures standardized yet stunning background-free images at scale.

High-quality packshots

The integrated Canon EOS camera and powerful high-CRI LED lights deliver excellent, color-accurate product images with every shot.

Get to know Horizontal in 2 minutes Walkthrough Horizontal
Get to know Horizontal in 2 minutes

Walkthrough Horizontal