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Profoto Academyについて

Profoto Academyの説明

Miguel Jacobが説明するProfoto Academy

Miguel Jacobが説明するProfoto Academy

個人フィードバック、スコアリング、認定の仕組みを含む学習プロセスの詳細をご覧ください。Profoto Academy教育マネージャー Miguel Jacob が解説するビデオをご視聴ください。

Profoto Academyのメリット

  • 最大1時間の集中型オンラインコース
  • 実際の写真撮影を取り上げたシナリオベースの講義
  • 役に立つヒントが満載の実践的なステップバイステップ型PDFガイド
  • 当社が誇る一流の講師から直接の個人フィードバック
  • オンラインデバイスからご購入いただいたすべてのコースに無制限アクセス
  • Profoto Academy修了認定証
  • ご満足いただけない場合は全額返金


About our teachers

A chance to learn from the best


Emma Svensson

Emma is an adventurer, climber, photographer and inspiring educator who has built her brand around natural-looking lifestyle content.


David Bicho

Renowned for his witty and inspiring teaching style, David brings his knowledge and passion of photographic lighting to Profoto Academy.


Hannah Couzens

Hannah is an award winning professional portrait photographer, who is involved in many speaking engagements for Profoto.


Lindsay Adler

Lindsay is a top fashion photographer and one of the most requested speakers and educators in the photography business worldwide.


Jared Platt

Jared is an international wedding photographer who teaches photography, lighting and photo editing globally, and now also through Profoto Academy.


Austin Mann

Austin is the photographer who captures the world through his iPhone and teaches you how to take better images with your smartphone.


Audrey Woulard

Audrey is famous for her portraits of teens and tweens in urban environments, and teaches professional photographers around the world her techniques on how to create natural-looking light with flash.


Sandy Puc'

An internationally acclaimed portrait artist, Sandy Puc is also an experienced educator on many US speaking engagements and international tours.



Yervant takes a unique approach to the traditional world of wedding photography and is an experienced speaker at educational workshops around the world.