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Maximize your production uptime

We created the D2 Industrial to handle the enormous demands large volume photography puts on lighting. Featuring selected long-life components, including a Quartz Flash Tube and upgraded internal circuit boards, this flash is built to go the distance.

We developed the firmware with scale in mind, with an industrial feature set, such as predictive maintenance and adjusted parameters for a longer lifetime. The Profoto D2 Industrial comes with the standard 1-year warranty and the option to extend for up to 5 years.

Profoto D2 Industrial

  • Flitsduur
    tot 1/63.000e van een seconde
  • Long life
    Quartz flash tube


  • Product number


  • Recommended for

    eCommerce mass image production


  • Quick burst

    Up to 20 flashes/s

  • Flash duration Normal mode (t0.5)

    1/1,600 s (1000 Ws) – 1/11,000 s (2 Ws)

  • Flash duration Freeze mode (t0.5)

    1/1,600 s (1000 Ws) – 1/50,000 s (2 Ws)

  • Max energy

    1000 Ws

  • Energy range

    10f-stops (2-1000 Ws)

  • Energy control increments

    1/10 or full f-stops

  • Recycling time

    0.03 – 1.2 s

  • Flash duration t0.5

    1/1,600 s (1000 Ws) – 1/11,000 s (2 Ws)

  • Energy stability

    +/- 1/20 f-stop

  • Color stability Normal mode

    +/- 150 K over range. +/- 20 K flash to flash

  • Color stability Freeze mode

    +/- 1200 K over range. +/- 100 K flash to flash

Modeling light

  • Selectable settings

    Max, Prop, Free, Off

  • Max power

    Max 300 W (Halogen)

Profoto AirX (Bluetooth Low Energy technology)

  • Frequency band

    2.4 GHz (2404 to 2479.3 MHz)

  • Radio power output

    Maximum 9.9 dBm

  • No. of frequency channels

    20 (1-20)


  • Input power supply

    100-127 V / 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz (nominal)

  • Mains fuse requirement

    6 A/ 230 V, 10 A/ 120V

Operating environment

  • Operation temperature

    +10 C to +35 C (-10 C to +50 C with reduced performance)

  • Storage temperature

    -20 C to +60 C


  • Width

    13 cm / 5.1 in

  • Length

    31 cm / 12.2 in

  • Height

    18 cm / 7.1 in

  • Weight

    3.4 kg (7.5 lbs)

The workhorse for large volume photography

Engineered for world-class volume photography, the Profoto D2 Industrial has everything you need and nothing you don't. We've taken away the features you're unlikely to use, like TTL and HSS, and placed the emphasis firmly on heavyweight shooting power, reliability and durability.

As a result, the D2 Industrial is relentless, taking on thousands of exposures day after day, hour after hour with consummate ease. Ensuring each shot has the same level of high-end consistency, color stability, and light quality; making Profoto the go-to system for leading studios worldwide.

What's the difference between the Profoto D2 and D2 Industrial?

What's the difference between the Profoto D2 and D2 Industrial?

Introducing the Profoto D2 Industrial

Introducing the Profoto D2 Industrial

At a glance

Why choose the Profoto D2 Industrial

Predictive maintenance

Add Profoto Maintenance to minimize the risk of unexpected production stops and costly repairs. We will notify you when it's time for a service and when you need to exchange flash tubes, and you can check your usage directly on each unit. Peace of mind so you can continue to produce high-quality images day in, day out.

Quartz - Long life flash tube

When shooting industrial volume, you need the power of quartz. The Profoto D2 Industrial comes with this high-performance, long-life flash tube.

High performance firmware

We designed the firmware to ensure D2 Industrial's critical components last longer; without sacrificing performance. For example, removing TTL and HSS will significantly prolong the life of the Quartz flash tube.

Prepared for automization

The D2 Industrial has a built-in interface for serial communication through the USB port. So, if you're shooting images in significant volumes, you can automize selected parts of your workflow by integrating flash control, and flash presets into your proprietary production software.


Accessoires voor uw D2

Foto: Evan Pantiel


Umbrella Deep Silver

Een veelzijdige, zoombare paraplu voor een licht met contrast
Van 199,00 €

RFi Softbox Octa

Ideaal voor flatterende portretten
Van 289,00 €

Softlight Reflector White

Onze klassieke beauty dish
Van 435,00 €
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Foto: Evan Pantiel


Speciale tassen voor het vervoeren van al uw belangrijke uitrusting: statieven, flitsbuizen en glass covers. Alle stukjes en beetjes netjes bij elkaar.

High Capacity Flashtube for D2

Vervangende flitsbuis voor D2 met grote capaciteit
448,99 €

Glass dome for flat front monolights

Koepelvormige matglas cover voor B1, B1X, D1 en D2
Van 179,00 €
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Foto: Evan Pantiel

Air Remote TTL

Fotografeer in de automatische TTL modus, bedien de flitsers handmatig vanaf uw camera en synchroniseer meerdere flitsers tegelijkertijd - met AirTTL is het allemaal mogelijk.

Air Remote TTL

Draadloze verbinding van uw AirTTL flitser met uw camera
Van 395,00 €
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