Profoto StripLights are special effect heads that create long and perfectly even highlights with either a subtle fall-off or razor sharp outlines, controlled by the optional barndoors.

The StripLight is offered in three sizes S, M and L. Each size is offered in a 120V and a 230V variant.

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StripLight L 120V

Product number: 100737

Profoto StripLights are special effect lights that provide a long and narrow light source with a subtle fall-off. They are often used with the optional barndoors to create perfectly even highlights with sharp outlines.

They also offer wonderful light shaping opportunities when used on their own as long and highly controllable rim lights. This makes them a favorite with fashion photographers who are looking to have the model to pop out of their image; as well as with car photographers who want razor sharp reflections on the body of the car.


  • Provides a long light source.
  • Creates perfectly even highlights with razor sharp outlines.
  • Can be stacked together to create even longer light sources.
  • Built-in fan allows continuous use.
  • Capable of producing large quantities of images at a high rate.
  • Powerful modeling light.
  • Can be used with both Pro and D4 packs.