Automated studio solutions | Profoto (IT)

Automate your studio workflow

Our all-in-one solutions support you in producing consistent e-commerce content at scale while setting your studio up for maximum efficiency. Equipped with touch-controlled lighting, intuitive software, and a best-in-class camera, our tools can be operated via the included iPad. Quickly style, shoot, and export high-quality visuals that need minimal editing.

90% less cost per image

Using our automated solutions in your studio eliminates repetitive tasks while reducing operating expenses.

60% faster turnaround time

Web-ready content in minutes: From capturing to editing and exporting, our tools handle all the complexity.

70% increase in sales

High-quality, consistent, and color-accurate photo and video output is crucial to boost sales and lower returns.

Profoto's all-in-one e-commerce solutions


Capture product videos with dynamic movement, or shoot high-quality stills of your product on the model. Live combines reliable hardware with user-friendly software, ensuring a streamlined workflow for your shoots.


Vertical enables you to shoot background-free mannequin packshots and hanging flat lays. Made for fashion e-commerce, Vertical facilitates an efficient studio workflow while producing pro-quality content.


Combining everything you need in one solution, Horizontal is our tool for e-commerce packshots and premium flat lays. Easily style your items and get a ready-to-export background-free image within seconds.


A powerful all-in-one solution to shoot smaller objects, Eclipse captures high-quality photos and videos of shoes, accessories, and more. Allowing you to style, shoot, and export your content with a few clicks.

E-commerce solutions for every studio

Modular studio solutions

Efficiently shoot consistent, high-quality visual content with our flexible modular studio solutions. A system of lights, modifiers, and software enables fully mobile and creative content creation at scale.

Creative automation solutions

Create your signature look with the perfect combination of creative flexibility and workflow automation. Unleash your creative potential and elevate your photo and video production for e-commerce and editorial.