Modular studio solutions | Profoto (IT)

Creativity without compromise

A selection of our most durable and powerful products, our flexible modular e-commerce solution enables efficient content creation at scale. Rely on a mobile full-fledged system of lights, modifiers, and connected software to capture stunning creative output at the highest quality imaginable.

Limitless creativity

Our unmatched range of flashes and light shaping tools support you in creating elevated product content according to your brand style. Capture the finest details for e-commerce or set the mood for dynamic editorial shoots.

Seamless connectivity

Easily control all your lights from your desktop. Get the exact setup you need with our compatible lights and modifiers. Then scale your studio by working on up to 100 channels without triggering other photographers’ flashes.

Consistency all day long

E-commerce simply needs pro-quality content. Shoot with high-end consistency, color stability, and light quality from morning to evening. Precision and detail in every image equal higher sales conversion and fewer returns.

Profoto's flashes for e-commerce

Profoto D2

Quick to set up and easy to use, Profoto D2 is the fastest monolight you can find.  A smart all-rounder, D2 enables you to capture dynamic movement in razor-sharp images without any motion blur. Fast recycling and a quick shutter speed freeze any moment and make even the finest product details stand out.

Profoto D2 Industrial

Built for high-performance, heavy-weight shooting, Profoto D2i is the durable go-to system for leading e-commerce studios worldwide. High-end consistency, color stability, and light quality make our D2i the optimal tool to scale your content creation without getting distracted by unnecessary features.

Profoto Pro-11

Designed to shoot at high volume with incredible consistency, Pro-11 is the flash that studios rely on. Combining industry-defining speed and awe-inspiring power with user-friendly design, Pro-11 is compatible with any camera and continuously updated. Our flagship flash is built to future-proof your studio.

Connect Pro

Functioning as a gateway to your entire Profoto system, Connect Pro is essential to high-quality e-commerce content creation at scale. The remote allows for a connection to one hundred channels that each host six groups – ideal for working in big studio settings, saving time, and streamlining workflows. 

Profoto Control Desktop macOS

Maximize productivity in fast-paced environments with multiple flashes using our Profoto Control Desktop macOS. Manage flash settings with ease and benefit from advanced flash presets that allow you to quick-start your shoot. The app allows you to work from any Mac computer and install new firmware effortlessly. 

Profoto Control App

The Profoto Control app offers a hassle-free solution to manage your flash settings when shooting with DSLR or Mirrorless cameras. For conventional cameras, the remote control function allows you to effortlessly view and adjust the settings on your connected Profoto device by swiping your fingertips. 

E-commerce solutions for every studio

Automated studio solutions

Make use of our all-in-one photo and video systems for efficient e-commerce content creation with ease. Our four plug-and-play solutions automate repetitive studio tasks to free up time for creativity.

Creative automation solutions

Create your signature look with the perfect combination of creative flexibility and workflow automation. Unleash your creative potential and elevate your photo and video production for e-commerce and editorial.