How-to videos for the A1 | Profoto (JP)

How-to videos for the A1

02 7月, 2018

The Profoto A1 is incredibly easy to use, either on its own or in combination with multiple flashes. Wherever you are in the world, you’ll have all you need to take your creativity to the next level.

How to create natural soft light portraits

Sal Cincotta illustrates how to achieve light that is as soft and natural as ambient light with the A1.


How to create warm beauty portraits

Sal Cincotta shows how to bring warmth to your beauty portraits with gels for the A1.


How to create powerful portraits using Profoto B1X with Profoto A1

Sal Cincotta shares tips and tricks for creating bold, dynamic portraits with the A1 together with other Profoto lights.


How to create dramatic one-light portraits

Sal Cincotta reveals how to infuse your portraits with intensity using just one A1 off camera.


How to create dramatic two-light portraits

Follow Sal Cincotta to Saint Louis, where he creates dramatic portraits with two A1s – on and off camera.


How and when to use manual or TTL mode – Part 1

Sal Cincotta outlines how to streamline your workflow with TTL – work faster and easier.


How and when to use manual or TTL mode – Part 2

Sal Cincotta unveils the flexibility of manual mode – capture the mood you want in your images.


Get started with Profoto A1 Duo Kit

US-based photographer Sal Cincotta walks through the basics of shooting with two A1s.